What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying
"From first picking up the fantastic cocktail shaker style container, to being mightily impressed by the great range and quality of the numerous mixes - what a great experience!
They're the perfect drink for making any girls' night that little bit more special, with quality, eye-catching branding and a straight from the barman realism. Please get them available for sale online ASAP so we can stock up for our next drinks party!"

Caroline Townshend, Suffolk

"We all loved these delicious cocktails at my girls night in, there's one to suit every taste. They make having cocktails so simple and easy and taste like they would at any quality cocktail bar; just pour over ice and add the twiddly bits to look the part! The classic shaker style bottles with the bright labelling makes them really attractive and appealing. I would definitely buy these again and again and always have one on standby in the fridge! "
Donna Duley, Surrey

"Delicious and so easy! The ideal girls' night accompaniment - perfectly mixed cocktails in a gorgeous cocktail shaker style bottle. I loved having the glamour of serving cocktails without having the hassle of making them"
Andrea Perry, Cheshire